Thursday, January 13, 2005

how exciting...I've officially joined my first ring (beginner babe)...god i love this blogger stuff *wink*.

well, today i'm packing to go on a trip to spain to visit the g-parents with my FI and dad. pretty excited/nervous. nervous?? not nervous to see the g-parents, or even fly. nervous because i dont want to be caught without good yarn or the right pattern. so i'm deligently digging through my YS to make sure that I grab the right stuff. *sigh* if only i spent this much time and energy into packing my clothes....i might not be as cold as i suspect i will.

my mom said that there is a whole row (street) of yarn vendors off of the Plaza Major in Madrid....could this be true???? Could the be the *TRUE* knitters nirvana??? yarn stores galore coupled with my g-mothers expert knitting skills....this is going to be a VERY VERY productive trip!!!

tonight is my first class of 2nd semester knitting at the adult school...cant wait!!
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