Sunday, April 30, 2006

Join Mason Dixon KAL!

I've put together a KAL for the Mason Dixon Knitting book, and I hope you'll join up! Click here to join. Hubby is in the process of making a stay tuned for that!
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Thursday, April 27, 2006

Design Spotting

These little pretties were made by the designer Bee@Home (how cute is that name!). They make me want to learn how to crochet!
Sublime Stitching came out with a new design...Roller Queen...and I am diggin't it! Can you picture this stitched on to your guest pillow?

Right now I'm currently obsessed with the Ballband Dishcloth by Mason Dixon Knitting. Here are some others that having completed this project:
When A Door Closes
Simply Knit (thank for your help Liz!)
Cat's Crafty Corner
Knitting in the Valley
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Monday, April 24, 2006

My favorite picture of my Grampa....

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Sunday, April 23, 2006

:::tEn SiMpLe pLeASuReS:::

I've been *TAGGED!* by Amanda:

Ten Simple Pleasures
10. spooning
9. finding a REALLY GOOD hole in the wall restaurant
8. japanese fabrics
7. reading on the compfiest couch as the sun streams through the window
6. a friendly yarn store
5. eating dinner at home
4. popcorn
3. e-mails from my friends
2. posts on my blog!
1. phone calls from my parents

aaah....looks whos next! Beth, Susan and Stacey!!
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Friday, April 21, 2006

Don't mess with Texas


Above is a picture that came out the community newspaper from my in-laws 38th wedding anniversary a few weeks ago...look how cute my nieces are! I'm on the far left with my husband (as if you couldn't tell!).

The night before Easter we took my cousins to the local Miniature Golf/Teen hang out (or "put-put" as most baby-boomers refer to it as - gotta laugh, that sounds soooo silly!).

The following is just ONE of many reasons why YOU SHOULDN'T TRASH TALK TO AN 8 YEAR OLD FROM TEXAS- NAMED *BUBBA*:

So I was riding passenger (or "riding bitch" as I would have phrased it in high school) in a race car driven by my husband. Just as we were coming around the corner going waaaaay toooo fast we noticed that Bubba (why they let 8 year olds drive race cars is waaaay beyond me!) was stopped on the side of the track with my mom (as his passenger) looking scared out of her mind. Bubba had slammed into the back of another driver....violating rule #3 of the Miniature Golf Race Car Manifesto. So being the obnoxious older cousin that I am, I seized on the opportunity to talk crap. I began to yell competitive obscenities while wildly waving my arm out the window. Low and behold *Karma Struck*. I misjudged the close proximity we were to the stalled cars and hit my arm against race car going like 30 miles an hour. *OUCH* I thought I broke it. Seriously, I'm not just being dramatic. My hand went numb and started to bleed a little bit and it HURT LIKE A MUTHA. Ok, so I lied about the bleeding part, but it was numb and it did bear a completely different temperature then the other arm. We contemplated pulling over, but that would involve getting the attention of the 14 year-old ride operators who were well absorbed in some all-American teenage flirtation with a huge group of make-up wearing 13-year-olds. Afterwards, Bubba quickly forgiving me and my temporary bout of immaturity, ran over to the soda machine to try to cure my arm with something cold. He's so sweet. I'm so not. And that's the end of the story as I sit here with a black and blue arm.

ON A DESIGN NOTE....check out this awesome lamp designed by Marta Mathew first spotted this morning on design*sponge:

*by the way...that random leaf is this awesome necklace I scored in L.A. this past weekend at a great little shop called "Espiritu De Vida" in Hollywood across the street from the Scientology Celebrity Center (weird place!). The owners of the shop find pretty leaves and dip them in 18k gold. Kick Ass!
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Thursday, April 20, 2006



Easter ended up being a mad dash towards the my-dad-is-leaving-for-spain-and-i-decided-to-do-all-handmade-gifts-for-relatives finish line....but I made it....well sort of. So what it my grandma only gets one sock!

Above i'm working on Ruffles using the wonderfully soft Knit Picks yarn that my Brianne sent me.

Back Tack III started and I got my partners...check em out!
I will be making a softie for: Marga....and Seriously & Beyond will be making for me! I love the pattern we're making by Wee Wonderfuls....and I'm keen (sorry for the 1950's lingo) on the idea of knowing who your partners are so you can kinda check up on eachother throughout the process. Kick ass.

Here we have a little vintage apron number for my aunt. Offically my 2nd sewing project ever! (Do over-sized baby doll dresses and scrunchies from 7th grade count?)....i love love love the little pink pom-pom's (what are they called?)....I love 'em like people love rick-rack.

This is a colored pencil roll for my other aunt. Notice the same color scheme...I bought this pink flowered fabric from a store in Portland, OR called "3 Monkeys". The owners search the country for treasures at estate sales and re-sell them in their cute little shop. Estate sales always seem a little creepy to me, but for some reason, buying things in the store like this sort of detaches me from the whole someone-died-thats-why-this-is-for-sale idea. The colored pencil roll idea came from Red Current. Here's a shot of the inside:
Santa's little workshop also had these little puppies to present:

What do you think of me putting these up for sale in an Etsy shop? Would anyone care to add them to their accessories collection?
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Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Spring is in the AIR!

Happy Belated Easter EVERYONE!!

Sorry for the long delay in posting....more to come tonight...including....

1. The Betty Crafter Recipe/Postcard SWAP!!! - for all you swapping addicts out there!
2. Latest crafting projects - pictures!
3. Back Tack partners.....and more!!!!
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Sunday, April 09, 2006

I *Heart* Huckabees

If you haven't see I *heart* Huckabees yet, YOU NEED TO!! It's a very unique, interesting, quirky film. Dustin Hoffman, Lilly Tomlin, Jude Law, Jason Schwatzman, Mark Wahlburg amongst many others take the viewer into an existential ride through the self-discovery of the meaning of life for the main character, Albert, played by Jason Schwartzman. That, of course, was a very high level view of this complex and entertaining movie....go see for yourself...this movie is KILLER!!

::oN tHe CRafTiNg FrOnT::
Sorry for the delay and spastic posting.....I'm frantically trying to finish some projects for family in Spain....and TIME is running OUT.....I'll post about all that shortly!

A couple of things to keep you occupied....check out this *cute* blog called Shim + Sons....she makes the most beautiful Japanese inspired crafts and posts pictures of her super cute sons.

Spring, my Sweet Pea swapee posted about this great thrift store called Legacy in Sepastapol. All they sell is arts and crafts stuff and run $1 a pound fabric sales!!

I was clicking around the Creative Spaces blog and found this great source for ribbon storing ideas! Check out what this crafter did with a spice rack...

For those of you looking for that super popular pattern, Jaywalker Socks by Grumperina, here they are!
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