Sunday, April 09, 2006

I *Heart* Huckabees

If you haven't see I *heart* Huckabees yet, YOU NEED TO!! It's a very unique, interesting, quirky film. Dustin Hoffman, Lilly Tomlin, Jude Law, Jason Schwatzman, Mark Wahlburg amongst many others take the viewer into an existential ride through the self-discovery of the meaning of life for the main character, Albert, played by Jason Schwartzman. That, of course, was a very high level view of this complex and entertaining movie....go see for yourself...this movie is KILLER!!

::oN tHe CRafTiNg FrOnT::
Sorry for the delay and spastic posting.....I'm frantically trying to finish some projects for family in Spain....and TIME is running OUT.....I'll post about all that shortly!

A couple of things to keep you occupied....check out this *cute* blog called Shim + Sons....she makes the most beautiful Japanese inspired crafts and posts pictures of her super cute sons.

Spring, my Sweet Pea swapee posted about this great thrift store called Legacy in Sepastapol. All they sell is arts and crafts stuff and run $1 a pound fabric sales!!

I was clicking around the Creative Spaces blog and found this great source for ribbon storing ideas! Check out what this crafter did with a spice rack...

For those of you looking for that super popular pattern, Jaywalker Socks by Grumperina, here they are!
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I LOVED that movie. I totally thought I would hate it (it sounded so pretentious), but I loved it.

Are you going to CWS tomorrow?
Blogger Bethro, at 1:29 PM  
I liked I Heart Huckabees, too, in spite of Jude Law. (Not my favorite actor.) Jason Schwartzman was brilliantly funny.
Blogger Laura, at 4:34 PM  

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