Wednesday, November 09, 2005


sooooo cool....yesterday was my 27th birthday...and guess what??? i got a surprise in the mail from my secret pal SSK!!!!

either she knew my birthday or it was an amazing coincidence. she sent me the coolest stuff....INCLUDING.....a kit to start knitting up my very first pair of socks.

this is an awesome thing because she gave me a book thats basically "knitting sock for dummies". not really, but it gives very detailed step by step instructions, which is what i need to get over my fear of those things.

she also gave me very beautiful purple yarn to make these puppies with AND a little container to store odds and ends for my beading projects. WHICH by the way....was another coincidence, because i just picked that hobby up again yesterday.

thank you SSK...your the best Fairy-Yarn-Mother ever!!!
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Sunday, November 06, 2005

We're Famous!!

I found out recently that our Photographer won 3rd Place in a photojournalism contest using a photograph that he took of us at our wedding in July! So exciting!! It's not that big of shock, considering his amazing talent and creativity.

The contest was through the Wedding Photojournalist Association, check out the 3rd place photo under the "Action" category and tell me what you think!
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