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Easter ended up being a mad dash towards the my-dad-is-leaving-for-spain-and-i-decided-to-do-all-handmade-gifts-for-relatives finish line....but I made it....well sort of. So what it my grandma only gets one sock!

Above i'm working on Ruffles using the wonderfully soft Knit Picks yarn that my Brianne sent me.

Back Tack III started and I got my partners...check em out!
I will be making a softie for: Marga....and Seriously & Beyond will be making for me! I love the pattern we're making by Wee Wonderfuls....and I'm keen (sorry for the 1950's lingo) on the idea of knowing who your partners are so you can kinda check up on eachother throughout the process. Kick ass.

Here we have a little vintage apron number for my aunt. Offically my 2nd sewing project ever! (Do over-sized baby doll dresses and scrunchies from 7th grade count?)....i love love love the little pink pom-pom's (what are they called?)....I love 'em like people love rick-rack.

This is a colored pencil roll for my other aunt. Notice the same color scheme...I bought this pink flowered fabric from a store in Portland, OR called "3 Monkeys". The owners search the country for treasures at estate sales and re-sell them in their cute little shop. Estate sales always seem a little creepy to me, but for some reason, buying things in the store like this sort of detaches me from the whole someone-died-thats-why-this-is-for-sale idea. The colored pencil roll idea came from Red Current. Here's a shot of the inside:
Santa's little workshop also had these little puppies to present:

What do you think of me putting these up for sale in an Etsy shop? Would anyone care to add them to their accessories collection?
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That all looks awesome. The apron is especially cool. I say go for it. Etsy doesn't have posting fees as far as I know so what's the worst that could happen?
Blogger Bethro, at 6:24 AM  
I love pom-poms like people love rick-rack too!!! The apron and the case is so adorable...I think I may be inspired to make something like it.
Anonymous Allison, at 6:34 AM  
Hi Cristina..Thanks for your comment on my blog. I'm in the metro-Detroit area but I've only lived in MI for about a year and a half. Did you go to school in E. Lansing?
I'm a little intimidated after seeing all your creative talent, but I'm excited about making something for you!
Any input you want to throw at me is always welcome.
Blogger ljmax, at 9:17 AM  
great idea for the betty crafter exchange. I can only dream of being crafty enough to join that kind of swap, but I'm sure everyone will have a great time with it.

The pencil case is really cute, and I agree with Beth... just go for the Etsy shop! you never know until you try.

Also, stay safe in light of this week's commemoration. I hope you never have to use an earthquake emergency kit.
Blogger Jen, at 1:03 PM  

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