Sunday, January 30, 2005

knit-ernet surfing the blogosphere

woke up at 6:30am this morning (by the way it's sunday and i am NOT a morning person...). with that being said, its clear that my insomniac is due completely to my jet-lag and not some obscure new sleeping schedule.
i spent an embarrassing 3 or 4 hours of knit-ernet* blog surfing and updated my be-dazzled right hand collum blog-buttons.

I still havent figured out how to upload pic's, so if any of you knitsters come across this post and are willing to share--- please do!! wont do it, and i can't find a place that will host my pictures AND create an htlm stream thats less them 63 characters long (or whatever obscure/random number thinks is appropriate).

*okay, just for the record, i made that word up right now, amazing what going to bed at 7pm will do for your webster's dictionary moments!! so proud*wink*.
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