Sunday, January 30, 2005

Yesterday's visit to the LYS

and by "LYS" i mean....
LOCAL: 2 blocks away--- ouch!
YARN: largest selection in the greater san francisco area!
STORE: recipiant of nearly all my monthly earnings.

i picked up the CLASSIC ELITE PREMIER for RUFFLES from "scarf style" in this cool light grey-ish-i'm-trying-to-tone-down-my-color-schemes-so-my-fiance'-will-still-marry-me tone. 3rd skein of NORO in kueryon(sp?). not for any real responsible reason....merely because it was their last one and i had a vision of trying to finish somethig and not having one last skein available to buy. i see now why this fear is ridiculous....oooh well. Perhaps these 3 skeins will mamgically turn into the FRENCH MARKET BAG???

and...IRONSTONES YARN "fun" in a cream. this puffy and thin, puffy and thin, puffy and thin yarn reminiscent of a beginner-spinners rhythm is being used for my always-in-progress MATRIMONIAL BLANKET. in boring and heavy and beautiful garter stitch.
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