Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Hump Day Wednesday

and i'm feeling really weird today. getting on my friends nerves a little, but she likes it so there.

i'm thinking about a few things today...

1. my FI's birthday is this weekend, and we're going to down to orange county to celebrate. i'm looking forward to celebrating his last birthday as a single man. actually, i'm REALLY REALLY EXCITED, i love his birthday. his gift is all done and i picked it up yesterday. and all i can say is....HE IS GOING TO FREAKIN' LOVE IT!!!! and thats all i can really say about that since he tends to check in on the knottie every once in awhile.*wink*

2. nine more days until STITCHES WEST in santa clara. and i cant wait. my FI gave me a gift certificate to the market place which is so cool b/c its basically a guilt-free shopping spree. but instead of going in there with my fiber-blinders on and just pick-up, fondle and buy random balls of add to my stash of path-less knitting....i decided that i'm going to actually "PLAN" my purchases. is this possible.....i'll start today.

yarn for 2 clapotis (at least 615 yards of lorna's laces or "like")
yarn for my no-longer-my-boyfriend-now-my-husband sweater (morhouse farm)
black chenille for my mom and dad's lap blanket
yarn for my fathers vest
yarn for hour-glass sweater
whatever my sister will trick me into getting for her
yarn for "Lady Eleanor"
....more to come....

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