Monday, February 07, 2005

Moody Monday

so its monday 4 more days until STITCHES WEST. i spent the weekend with my in-laws in the oc. which was really fun. on sunday during the stupid-bowl i worked up "ruffles" which really excited my MIL. she showed me her rapid-fire right hand knitting and i was totally impressed. we discussed the trials and tribulations of knitting for non-appreciative-non-knitters. and i think i might make her a clapotis.

lots of wedding planning too which is less the relaxing. about 4.5 months left and we still dont have music. my FIL and MIL sprung upon us another major wedding plan....another wedding reception on sunday after the wedding. 400 people....ouch. someone is going to need some caffine...

hi katy!!! this is my best friend, she's is supposed to pay me a little visit today (in the blogosphere that is). is'nt she cute??? i will be visiting her in chico soon and i need to say....katy, i cant come unless you can hook it up with a cool yarn start looking little fool....:)

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I'm on it girl. I'll find a knitting store for when you visit. If I can find a scrapbook store for my grandma, I can find a knitting store for my BF. See, I can use code letters too... :) MIL, FIL I'm assuming are mother and father in law??

- Schmaty
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