Thursday, March 03, 2005

Baby blanket....

This is such a cool variation on the Baby Blanket. I got the wonderful yarn from Knit Picks that would be perfect for this blanket. Picture....super-soft aplaca in a variety of gorgeouc colors going round and round wrapping the baby tight and warm. This baby I speak of will be born into the cold-snugglieness of Montreal life and needs something to keep him/her warm.

Here is another one that I'm thinking about....I really like the intricate design, and honestly, the pattern doesn't look too hard:
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that baby blanket is gorgeous! i hope you do that one. scarf style -- i am itching to knit backyard leaves and the ruffles scarf, but that turtleneck shrug is taking a lifetime. and i'm still wondering if it's going to end up looking funny.
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