Thursday, March 03, 2005

WIP''s and Wannabe WIP's


Rockstar purse from Stitch N' Bitch: Totally cool, but got board with it. It requires a lot of attention that I am not willing to split with my weekly line-up of reality TV. My FI, however, really wants me to finish it, which I am intrepreting as "Honey please please spend our entire honey-moon knitting". I can make that sacrifice for him.

Ruffles from Scarf Style: The slowest scarf that I have ever knit in my entire life in this century or anyother. Its gorgeous tho' and sum' day i'm a gunna finish that sucka'.

Lady Eleanor Stole from Scarf Style: Love it...knitting this baby up in Noro Kureyon and it looks good enough to eat. Eating fiber, thats gross. It a lot of work though, because it's so long, so I'm going to take break and start other projects to add to my list of WIP's.

Wannabe WIPs:

"Backyard Leaves" from Scarf Style for Katy

Felted tote from Felted Knits for Crystl

"Elegantly Simple Baby Blanket" designed by Jackie E-S for Seema and Louie's bun-in-the-ovenSweater for FI from Weekend Knits

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