Sunday, September 18, 2005

a dark, itchy substance....

Lots of stuff....well, I completed my SP6 survey much too soon....I had a lesson in yarn-hate last night, that I didn't get to include in my survey....itchy dark skinny yarn....yuck!!! this is stuff that I bought from knitpicks and i really wish I hadn't. Knitpicks is great except for the fact that you can't touch the stuff, and it's so cheap that you buy a whole bunch of it. No more unknown Knitpicks for me darnit.

Other news....I also met a new friend yesterday...another newbie to SF and total yarn-monkey. So we're thinking of stating a 20-Somethings Knit Circle Stich n' Bitch type thing. So far we have 4 members you're out there, and live in the Bay Area....and want to be in the circle of trust...sorry...those 5-year-old-movie-references pop up every once in a
posted by Cristina at 10:57 AM


Your yarn fairy here. Don't worry, I'll keep checking on your blog and if you change your mind about what yarns you love and hate I'll notice!! You want me to add skinny dark KnitPicks yarn to the icky pile?

Note to self --> no skinny dark KnitPicks...
Anonymous slipslipknit, at 3:08 PM  
you are too cute yarn fairy!!
Blogger Cristina, at 10:50 PM  

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