Monday, October 03, 2005

Clues....who is my Secret Pal?????

Not that the idea of SP6 is to play a high profile secret detective and try to figure out who is spending so much time to make these wonderful surprises...but I can't help but put some clues together. When I have enough clues....I might might might....waver through the 8 million participant links and try to figure it out....

Here are my clues so far:

1. I think its a "she".
2. "she" was born in San Mateo, and lived in Burlingame until she was 6 weeks old.
3. "she" (might) live in Northern Ca. Maybe Cold Springs, CA.
4. "she" lives in a rural area.
5. "she" has a son who is in college.
6. "Her" mom is from Bergan County (NJ), and she used to spend a lot of time in NYC when younger.
7. She has lived on both the west and east coasts.

That's it for now....I don't know what is more fun...the goodies...or the detective work!!
Hey I getting close??? hee heee (insert austin powers sinister laugh here)...
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