Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Edith's Chunky Baby Sweater

This is a sweater pattern that I got from the DIY Network website, I think this may be unintimidating enough to knit up for my first sweater....and to top it off...it's done in Noro....my favorite!!!

Gauge: 2 stitches = 1"; 2.75 rows = 1"
Materials:Knitting Fever Noro Kureyon, 5 balls
Stitch holders (5)
3 buttons
1 pair each: knitting needles #17 straight and #15 circular, 16"

1. With #17 needles and 3 strands of yarn held together, cast on 24 stitches. Work in stockinette until back measures 9-1/2".

2. Knit 7 stitches, put the center 10 stitches on stitch holder, attach another ball of yarn, K7 stitches.

3. At neck edge every other row, bind off 2 stitches one time. Put all stitches on a stitch holder.

1. With #17 needles and 3 strands of yarn, cast on 13 stitches and work in stockinette until piece measures 2" less than back.

2. At neck edge, knit 2 stitches and put them on a stitch holder; knit until the end of the row. Then every other row at neck edge, bind off 2 stitches one time.

3. Work until piece measures same as the back.

4. Put all stitches on a holder.

5. Make another front, reversing shaping.

1. Cast on 15 stitches and work in stockinette, increasing 1 stitch each end of needle every fourth row 2 times (19 stitches).

2. When sleeve measures 7", bind off loosely.

1. With smaller needle and right side facing, beginning at right front on the third stitch, pick up and knit 32 stitches, finishing third stitch from edge.

2. Work in garter stitch until collar measures 3".

3. Bind off loosely.

Designed by Edith Eig; copyright 2002, Edith Eig.
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Knitting is just knit stitches and purl stitches, with a few increases and decreases thrown in. Don't let any pattern intimidate you.
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