Thursday, October 06, 2005

Hats...sticks...and chicks

A couple of things today....last night I hung out with my new friend Beth....a totally experienced knitter. She helped me cast on for a very warm hat for DH made out of some Merino wool that I used from frogging his scarf that I couldn't finish because I'm too cheap to buy more of the $30/skein yarn. Is that cheap, or realistic?

I finally found a group that jives with my style to knit with here in SF. Chicks With Sticks
They meet every Monday night at 6:30pm in Noe Valley at The Bliss Bar.

The last thing, is that I added a new link under my "daily reads" section to the very cool blog Whimsy. She has a great blog and has done some beautiful work with very bright and bold colors.
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