Monday, October 24, 2005

HMO's....PPO's.....who the f**k knows!!!

Today I started my new job which was great, except that now I'm having to *graciously* embrace the tedious task of picking a health plan. Could be worse I guess, I shouldn't complain.

For those of you looking for good info on the HMO vs. PPO question check out this....

Although....if you're reading this, its not because you give a rats a*s about health insurance, but interested in yarn insurance. Wouldn't that be nice. An insurance to cover you during lifes mishaps at the yarn store cash register.

I have a FO to announce, another terry wash cloth from Weekend Knitting. Looks pretty cool, but I had a lot more yarn left over then what I was supposed to have which scares me a bit. Ooh well, it looks cool and its a fun quick knit.
posted by Cristina at 8:49 PM


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Ok pics of the washcloth please!
Anonymous Esther, at 1:10 PM  

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