Thursday, October 06, 2005

HUGE News....

My sister called me the other day with the exciting news that she found ROLLER SKATING in Golden Gate Park on Sunday' amazing is that??!!

After my roller skating obsession started about 2 years ago, I've purchased 2 pairs of skates (one really cool vintage pair that dont fit and a pair of modern tennis shoe type pair that are more comfortable then any other shoes that I own).

The problem is, I live in San Francisco now....and although I consider myself a C++ skater...C++ just isn't good enough when we're talking about all these hills. To be honest, I wasn't even cool with the little bumbs along the gutters when skating in my hometown of Sacramento! That coupled with the fact that I'm too vane to wear the head can see the potential problems.

I've grown up since then, and as an incentive to join the California Outdoor Rollerskating Association "CORA" (or atleast pretend to, by skating near then and starring longingly), I've decided to bite the bullet and buy the gear....and eventually, skate with the best, or atleast...the most committed of San Francisco!
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i used to love skating. my 10th birthday was at a skating rink. good times.
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