Monday, October 03, 2005

NYC Yarn Store Review

Well, this post would be super cool had I executed my plan of visiting all the yarn stores in the 5 borrows....but guess what....i got lazy...and only hit up 2. Darn it....but i have reviews for those.

Yarn Co. This one was pretty cool because it was in my neighborhood in the upper west side, which made it unbelievably convenient. It was on the second store of an old building that you had to ring up to get let in. After a very steep climb up the stairs, you enter into a very crowded oasis of yarn. I was a little on guard upon entering this place because of some very consistently negative reviews that I got from the UWS Knitters group. The place, as I was told had a reputation for being very snobby. I didn't find that to be true for my visit. The clerks pretty much let you be as you shop for yarn, they seemed to be pretty busy tending to costumers that were there for either help or a class. The store is much too crowded, the clerks brash but informative, but it did the trick, and I got in and out of there with typical new yorker efficiency.
I give this place a 7 out of 10.

Knit New York Great concept. Horrible vibe. This was the cool "yarn shop" slash "coffee shop". Sounds super cool, huh? Think of it, knit, shop and sip while being around people with like-minded obsessions....yeahhhh except the staff is unbelievably rude and the owners sloppy, loud and annoying. The costumer service was soooo bad. You would stand there for years to ask a question if you didn't have the gumption to interrupt a personal conversation between staff....and when you were finally able to cut in, your question was answered with the same enthusiasm as if you were a homeless person in Bloomingdales!! The overall energy of the place is what really drove me mad and made me want to get out of there as quickly as possible. Mellow out the music....sharpen the customer service.....and improve the yarn selection before even thinking of opening those doors and brewing the coffee....try again Knit New York.
I give this place a 2 out of 10.
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