Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Sweater making class needed.

The sweater that I'm making has me really really frustrated. After meeting with my friend Beth, though, I realized that its not all me...but the unclear and super confusing pattern.

She taught me how to adapt it so that i can finish it without too much frustration, but I think after this one, for fear of abandoning the sweater making idea forever, i might be in the market for a sweater making workshop.

I found a few:
3 classes for 2 hours each for $125 at JCCSF
4 classes for 2 hours each for $80 Atelier Yarns (no classes are scheduled at this point).
4 classes for 2 hours each for $100 Imagiknit (this one is around the corner from my house, but they can be snobby at times which is really irritating when your looking to relax and bond with other with the same obsession).
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