Thursday, December 22, 2005

The good...the sad...and the crazy...

Great news....I got my 3rd and final secret pal gift in the mail today!! It was wonderful....a great letter from Susan ....the cutest teddy bear ever....some candy (which is half gone at this point, even though I just received the package this morning)....candles...a hat pattern...some Noro (my fave!)....and a really really cute magnet...did I miss anything? She really really spoiled me this time.

This has been really fun, and I've enjoyed trying to figure out who she was. By they way...THANK YOU SUSAN!! I'VE LOVED ALL THE FUN SURPRISES!

The sad news, is that its over....:(

The crazy news is that Susan lives in very rural area in Washington called Richland. It just so happens that I had traveled up to this area last week. I was in Walla Walla and Pasco for one week last week...I was probably minutes from her house and how noooo idea!
Now THAT is crazy!

Thanks again Susan, you have made this really really fun for me, and I'll blog roll you and check up on you ever onces in awhile, I love to see all the great spinning and felting projects that your doing!
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