Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Google-ing yourself...reincarnated... something fun and stupid to pass the time when your supposed to be"________[your name] needs".

So I did that right? And I started reading them, and they started getting me all down about myself, even though I knew they werent really referring to me (personally)....there's just something psychological about reading "cristina needs to boil her stank twat". I don't know what that means exactly, but I'm highly offended.

so i decided to take the typical northern california hippie route and keep it positive...

Heres what comes up for "cristina has" we go...if you know me...this is very very erie.

Cristina has subsequently become an expert in this field of cyber-law.
no expert and not cyber law, but just escaped from the law field and cracked into the tech industry. might be a stretch....

Spains Princess Cristina Has A Baby Girl
i was born in spain. they also talked about queen sofia, which is my favorite little girls name.

Cristina has written: Muhamad's Desert Night
my husbands name is Mohammed.

Cristina has made her debut as a children stories writer.
i've always dreamed of writing childrens books, and have recently looked for classes to take.

CRISTINA has been honored by numerous organizations.
absolutely no relation here!! the only honors i've come across was when I had to say "your honor", but we don't need to go there.

Cristina has her BS in History, Sociology.
i have a BA in sociology.

Cristina has revealed her own plastic surgery.
i would never reveal that information!

Cristina has been a regular performer in the Seattle Opera Guild’s preview ...
met my hubby in seattle...

Someone elses turn to waste precious minutes of they're life....Pink Purls and KnitKnitKnitKnit...TAG...your it!!
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