Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Meaningful Gifts....

This Holiday societies over-consumption really got me down this year.

After taking some time to read through blogs of fellow craftinistas...I decided that the answer is clear.....no more Gap...no more Macy's....no more contibuting to the bastardization of the holiday's. It's time to get back to the basics and promote creativity rather then the over-consumption that our current market offers through the sacrifices of low-paid workers without the protections of labor laws and democracy.

So, lets hit those garage sales....antique stores....get our knitting needles....our sewing machines....wood and nails and start creating meaningful gifts for those we love.

I'm going to start collecting ideas throughout the year to prevent the last minute rush to Target next year...Please email me your ideas (knottieknitter@hotmail.com)!! The more we know...the more we grow.....

I will start with a few ideas here....
These two little numbers along with other really beautiful works can be found here.
Little Men:

Peg Doll:

Not crafty? You can purchase a bunch of little dolls here.
Or make them to reflect entire family!

You also have to check out this pencil roll and art bag little number by Red Current!

Here are some pictures of what she made:

This is soooooo cool. Its a wreath designed by Posie Gets Cozie. It's gorgeous and colorful and wonderful. Also check her blog if you have a chance, it's pretty cool.

Kicks ass. It's a quilt bag made by the very industrious Wise Craft, inspired by a japanese craft book called "Machine Made Patchworks".

These are some really cute coasters that I found on Chuculeta Con Raton blog.

Heres another one. You could make a super cute apron, here is one example, it can be found on Jessie Steele if your not confident enough to make one:

matching oven mit too....

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Hi, I found your site while doing a search for antique dolls, childrens dolls and teddy bears. Wow, love your site. Those little clothespin dolls are really cute. :)
Anonymous Anonymous, at 6:14 PM  

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