Sunday, January 22, 2006

Crafty Bi-otches

Today my the Crafty Bi-otches came over for our first ever crafty sunday. We're getting together once a month (or more!!) and taking turns teaching eachother something new. This time it was my turn, and of course, we most current obsession....Decoupage!

This is my sister, Monica, and her beautiful glass candle holder decoupaged with interesting magazine cut-outs (isn't she adorable?):

Beth and her crazy red and white fuzzy bucket....she had a cute name for it, of which i forget...what did you call it Beth? This one will be filled with yarn in NO time!

Rachel showing off her snazzy flower pots with total sparkle power!

...and a close up of her cool!!

Last but not is my homage to Japanese oragami prints. My sister was trying to hide inside of my bucket!!:
posted by Cristina at 8:49 PM


I said it was very Zsa Zsa in Green Acres
Blogger Bethro, at 8:53 AM  
Hey, so I futzed with my tamplate. I've forgotten how to change text (you can see in my lists where I would want to).

Also, we should have a casting on party the night of the olympics for the athletes...maybe we can get your sister, cousin, and Rachel into it.
Blogger Bethro, at 10:22 AM  
huh... so that's how you spell decoupage. looks like it was lots of fun.

Great to meet you tonight and I'll have to add you to my bloglines listing!

What are you knitting for your Knitting Olympics project?
Blogger Jen, at 11:09 PM  

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