Tuesday, January 03, 2006

I've officially taken the plunge...and signed up for sewing classes. This is, of course after, having my brand new sewing machine for a year without opening it! After years and years of stearing clear of what I thought to be an old ladies sport, I'm jumping in after many inspirations of fellow creatives and artists. Funny...how I can knit and knit for days and days and never think twice about how THAT may be something for certain Sarasota residents!! My class will be a traffic jam or hour long train ride away in Berkeley at Stone Mountain and Daughter Fabrics (thats the weirdest name ever!!)....and I can't wait to check out the digs at Britex's Fabrics in downtown SF. Equipped with my skillz...I'll have my new place decked out in no time!
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OH MY GOODNESS - Britex Fabrics still exists? I used to shop there in the 60's and early 70's whenever I was in SFO. Does it still have floor to very tall ceiling piles and piles of fabrics? The last thing I remember buying there was 1" trim with giraffes on it for a friend at work. It was somewhat near the Liberty Dept store if I remember right. I think that was the name of the store that had a stained glass ceiling in it and when you walked in it was quite a shock looking up if the last movie you saw was the Posiden Adventure (the original one, not the remake coming up).

I haven't been in Union Square in years. My son and his orchestra though played a gig there in 2004 before they had performances at the Herbst Theater and the Mission Delores Basilica.

Is that you and your husband in the picture? Beautiful!!

Hi from your ex-Fairy Yarn Mother!
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(Hello from fellow Bay Arean!) You will like the four! floors of Britex. My recommendations: Poppy Fabrics in Oakland - haven't been there in quite awhile; Satin Moon - all time favorite; Sewing Wkshop on Balboa St - google them (try attending an open house); and Mendel's on Haight - cool!

ps - the store kitkatknit is thinking about was named, "City of Paris" - Neiman Marcus, which took over the site, has retained something of the dome (the City's building process had them do that).

Happy knitting, Terry in SF
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