Friday, January 20, 2006

Magnets Made...SP7 Sent...

So today was a pretty productive day on the crafting home-front. Beth told me about the highly althletic Olympic Sweater Making Team...and I gotta tell ya...I'm really going for the gold this time! I'm going to be making my first sweater ever...and I'm doing it in 16 days flat!

Pictures to come after training camp (aka swatch making)...when we light the flame on Feb.10th!

I also finished a couple more magnets, one of which I sent to my SP7 today....

I hope she likes it, I have a feeling she will considering that she's a total sucka for the color pink!

I also finshed up my little decoupage pen holder magnet thingy...for my dry-erase pens that I keep on the fridge.

How to make Pen-Holder-Magnet-Thingy:
1. Go to the super-market and buy one of those band-aid-bubble-gum things (sounds disgusting, I know!!)
2. Eat all the gum inside...or dump it out if you don't want to embarrass yourself like I did.
3. Rip off the you just have an aluminum cannister.
4. With some Mod Podge, a brush and some cool paper or fabric, glue that puppy to the cannister.
5. Seal the decoupage by painting the Mod Podge over the paper or fabric too.
6. After dried, super-glue a strong magnet to the back and throw that baby on the fridge...voi la!!


posted by Cristina at 5:40 PM


You are like come decoupage queen. I am at a loss as to what to use on the bucket. I have no magazines. Would buying some fancy tissue paper for wrapping work?
Blogger Bethro, at 9:49 AM  
er...some, not come
Blogger Bethro, at 9:50 AM  

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