Tuesday, January 31, 2006

The Mail Man's here!! (sorry to be so gender-specific, but he really is a man!)

I recieved a couple of super fun things in the mail today....the first being from FOUR postcard swappers...check 'em out!

The blue one is from Bettsi and actually came from Citrus Heights which is right next door from Sacramento, where I grew up! Weird. The black n' white photo is really cool, but I'm sad to say that I can't read the print well enough to tell where its from! Blogger o' blogger who art' thou?? If this is yours, please let me know! ***UPDATE***Amy was kind enough to educate....the Black & White photo if by Ness of Australia!! Thank you Ness...I totally dig b&w photography...this is a great picture.! Thanks Amy for pointing me in the right direction.

The one on top is by Ann from North Carolina. She made her cards using blue cordory and some really cool letter stamps that she made out of wine corks!! So cool! My sister recently gave me an exacto knife (don't ask why!), so i think I'm just going to have to try this out...
The second one is from La Fee Coriandre and includes some romantical french magazine cut-out (I have no idea if it's romantical, but, hey, it's French, so it probably is!)....and a cute little blue and white dog. Thanks everyone for the gorgeous cards!!

In other news, my order from Sticky Wicket came in today with my DIY candle making kit and cool decorative class tray kit. Sticky Wicket is a really cool small company that focuses on the DIY movement as well as using environtmenally friendly and recycled products.

This past weekend was mildly producting on the crafting front. I made another decoupaged canister using Mod Podge and origami paper, this one will hold come colored pens. I also dragged my sweet poor husband to Stonemountain & Daughter Fabrics for their annual open house and scored some felt, a few beautiful Japanese fabics for my leap on to the Crafting Japanese bandwagon!
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I'm all excited, having just read the first posts on WhipUp and then linked to Sticky Wicket from your blog. And I'm like "what can I craft?" Phil is going to wish I'd never met you (not really! He likes you)

On another note, I just recently realized that Bethany will be here the tenth, and she doesn't yet know when she is leaving that night. What time is cast-on time? I may have to cast on on my own (unless I can talk her into coming) and then meet up with you guys later.
Blogger Bethro, at 8:32 AM  
I just so happened to get that very same doggy postcard in the mail with yours today! Her blog address is frivolousness.blogspot.com. I laughed out loud when I saw Snoop nestled in the corner of the postcard...too funny. Thanks so much for the postcard and the laugh. Happy New Year and all the best!
Blogger Amy, at 1:07 PM  
I hate this sweater and I hate everything to do with it (I guess not Phil). Will you PLEASE come over and finish it for me???
Blogger Bethro, at 4:45 PM  
I laughed out loud at my postcard!! So did my husband. Very clever girl! I am going to hang it my crafting area to keep me smiling. Thank You!!!
Blogger pookieville, at 8:23 PM  
Hey there. I must apologise for my text being illegible on the postcard. Glad you liked it though and super glad that there are some ace code crackers out there too!!
Blogger ness, at 4:26 AM  
Love my card from you! Thank you!
Blogger Northern Quilts, at 12:00 AM  

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