Saturday, January 28, 2006

Post Card Swap is approaching its peak! Tonight I finished up my cards and will be sending them out to fellow swappees....Thanks, Myra for putting this together!

Each card was required to have a dog (for year of the dog), blog address and "happy new year" in any language. I wrote mine in American. *b/c i'm patriotic like that* I'm not a really big "dog person", so I opted for snoop dogg, which, NO crafter can resist! The lucky (if I do say so myself!!) recipients of my postcards will be: Nicole, Amanda, Amy, Crystal, Tyn, Wenche, Tina, Raellyn, Veronica, and Kathi!

I already got 2 post cards in the mail today...and let me tell you how exciting that was!! The first one was from Debbie of Virgina, and included quilted, embroidered & colored doggies playing in the grass. It was mounted on soft brown felt and is gorgeous!

The second was from Kate of England. She sent me a close up picture of a quilted outdoor scene that she did (I think), with a little West Highland Terrior. I'm so curious to see the rest of the quilt!! Thanks Kate!
posted by Cristina at 12:35 AM


What a cool postcard. You really are a crafty bitch.
Blogger Bethro, at 5:25 AM  
Thanks so much for the awesome postcard! It made my day.
Blogger Raellyn, at 8:58 PM  
Thanks for the fabulous postcard and for the huge laugh I had when I saw ol' Snoop on there :):)
Anonymous Chrystal, at 1:32 PM  
Yes, I am lucky! What a cool postcard! I love all the little sparkly things you stuck on there. I'm not so much into Snoop, but it was a hilarious way of getting a dog onto your postcard!
Anonymous Amanda, at 9:36 PM  

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