Friday, January 20, 2006

SP7 Has Arrived!!!

So...I went to the post office today to drop off my first secret little baggie of suprises when my post-master informed me that *I* had something waiting for me from *MY* secret pal!!!!

She sent me the coolest stuff!! A ball of my all time favorite Noro a color way that I've never seen before. This will most likely turn into this cool scarf made by Becky.

She also sent me the nicest yellow silky wool yarn that I've never come across (thanks SP for exposing me to all this cool new stuff!!)...this might become apart of the above scarf...or turn into socks...not sure yet!

For good measure she threw in the sweetest knitty card....along with some matching ones of my own....some great skin spoiling stuff very first embroidery thread!! Yay for SP....This is all so great and I appreciate all the great loot!!

The best part of it all? I'm one step closer to figuring out who she is!! The return address was from Mossuri!! HA!
posted by Cristina at 6:26 PM


Hey, I realize you just dropped me off, so this classifies as weird, but I have been checking Yarn Harlot to see if we are on the Athletes page, and we are! (But she spelled your name wrong :( )
Blogger Bethro, at 5:08 PM  
OK...what's so funny...I posted to you around the time you posted to me. The only difference is you got home later.
Blogger Bethro, at 11:12 PM  

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