Saturday, February 04, 2006

Just checking say hello!

In the news the past week....

I recieved a few more lovely postcards this week! Upper left hand one is a line drawing by Krafola (or photo-shopped) picture of a dog....its very cool and so is her check it out!
The upper right is from
Lil Fish and is a photograph of a super cute eye-patch dog she made. It's not really called an "eye patch dog"...but it looks like he has a pirate...aaarrrr!!
Last and not least we have
Little Moochi...and how cute is that?? Wow...thanks! She drew a bunch of different animals representing other years of the chinese calendar. I feel extra special because not only do I get to have a peice of her art in my house...but because she's the organizer of our swap..and wow what a great job she was sooo much fun...THANKS MOCHI!.

Knitting Olympics is coming up fast (cast-on is on Feb. 10th at 2pm!). Beth has been kind enough to loan me her Yarn Girl Guide to Beyond the Basics , so I'm going to be knitting my first ever sweater..."a sweater for the ages" pictured above in a dark aqua color (the color, I'm sure will change 5 or 6 times before I actually cast on)...but hey...that's what physical training is for right?

I've made a little progress on my Red Hot Socks for the KAL...and my mom's birthday! (this is will my first knitted item gift to my mom!!) I'm pretty happy with them so far...but I'm a little afraid that the ribbing isn't going to be tight enough for my mom's taste...she likes her socks TIGHT. Ooh, well, I imagine she'll do me the courtesy and just fake it!

Last but most certainly not least...I'd like to make a shot out to
Susan. She's my SP6 spoiler...and she has agreed to share her craft with me and engage in a swap..yay!! So, she's going to spin me some yarn, and I'm going to (attempt) to make her a pillow....I have lots of ideas...but I know if this should be a surprise kinda thing or not..what do you think Susan?

P.S. Is this cool or what, I guess you can buy your own stamp-making kit at Michaels!. A cheaper way to do it, is by making shapes out of craft foam and glueing them to wood....a project for the crafty bi-otches....perhaps???!!

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The socks look fantastic and I know your mom will love them.

I'm all about the stamps. Bring it on.
Blogger Bethro, at 10:01 AM  
Thanks! And stamp making is so much fun.
Anonymous myra, at 2:56 PM  

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