Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Liiiive from Boise!

You say "boi-ssss-y".
I say "boi-zzzie"...
you say potato....
i say..."what the hell am I doing in Boizzie"?

Just checking in to say hello...some cute stuff I came across....
Yard stick shelf by Merwing.
Gifty gift exchange, by the Paper Princess.
Tag Sale Tales, a running dialogue of the crativity found in yard sales.
Back Tack exchange.
Very Mom. Okay, I'm more of "does-that-book-have-pictures" type of blog "reader" (I know Beth can sympathize), but this one is really really funny! Check out the shirts she's selling to attend....
BlogHer. Where the women bloggers are.
Martha's at it again! Check out what she's doing with crayons...
These are gorgeous and unique necklaces designed by Pashupatina! what talent!
Beth made some changes to her banner and added a button!
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Whatcha doing 5 hours away from me?!??!?! I have a very good friend in the city of trees (boi-zzzie). She teaches at Borah High School. So could you do me a quick favor and just go out side and wave and say to the wind "Susan says hi". And Barb will get my message. Thanks
Blogger kitkatknit, at 10:43 AM  
Thanks for sending my message!!
Blogger kitkatknit, at 7:52 AM  
That yard stick shelf is wicked cute. So....weaving for next CBs? And maybe food? A week from today? Will you be here? We can use my place if you like.
Blogger Bethro, at 9:13 AM  

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