Friday, March 17, 2006

1970's-catholic-school-cordaroy-uniform meets Denyse Schmidt!

Stacey Beach....where art thou?? If you haven't figured me out yet, I'm your Secret Pal 7!! Recognize the little birdies??
For those of you who like "wtf is she talking about"....the back of these little birdie cards have clues to my identity sent to my SP7 for her to figure out who keeps sending her goodies.... hopefully she'll actually find her way here so that I don't look like a total jack-ass giving impossible to crack clues!

I'm working on ruffles right now using the buttery soft yarn that my SP7 gave me (and the beautiful stich markers that
SP6 - Susan made for me....didn't actually NEED them for this project...but I could'nt resist...they just make me so happy, so I threw them on there!!). Forgot to mention that SP7 used the brown/pink and brown/baby blue color combo in my last package which I totally dig. I've been paying attention to the color combo since then, and apparently (according to some HGTV remodeling show I was watching in the middle of the night while bored out of my mind in fort worthless), the color combo became famous b/c it was a favorite of Louis XIV. So thats why you see a lot Parisian flats painted using this combination! I'lll just have to go to Paris myself and verify this fact!
I'm having some major ergonomic blogging and knitting related carpal tunnel issues, so my hubby (looking out for my health as well as his sanity as I turn into a total BABY when I don't feel good....poor guy...) has banned the above mentioned activities (thank god for wireless...I'm posting this from the bathroom...he thinks i'm brushing my teeth...ssshhh don't tell!). Anyway, the good news, is that i decided to make the Sticky Wicket beeswax candles as a result of my total bordem.....not bad, huh?

Alas....I'd like to unveil my very first pillow project slash creative swap that I'm doing with
Susan. It's an homage to the 1970's-catholic-school-cordaroy-uniform meets Denyse Schmidt!
What do you think Susan? I'm throwing this puppy in the mail this weekend....(unless you think it sucks, which, just let me know and I can make something with a different color theme or something...i'll only be a little hurt...actually...really sad...just tell me it got lost in the mail or something and i'll make you a new one:)
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Oh Cristina!!!! The pillow is BEEEE-UUUU-TIFUL!!! It has a spot all picked out at home already! I'll be using CSCU as my lumbar pillow while I spin. I can't wait to see it in person. Looks like you did a wonderful job!
Blogger kitkatknit, at 6:56 AM  
Secret bathroom blogging--priceless! Nice to meet you. :-) Just sent you an invite to view the India pics, by the way...
Blogger Sneaksleep, at 12:44 PM  
Candles and pillows? You are like some kind of crafting maniac. Everything looks so good (and, because I am self-centered, makes me feel like a slacker). re: the weaving, if the class is once (or maybe twice), I don't mind the haul. What do you think?

Are you momming it up all weekend?
Blogger Bethro, at 5:41 PM  
Hello! Hello!! I figured it out! You sure are a clever and crafty girl! I just got the letter today...over my lunch! I love the little birdies and I can't wait to see what's in my final package!!!
Anonymous Stacey, at 5:05 PM  

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