Monday, March 13, 2006

Haight & Ashbury

I'm Baaaaack!!!!

The past two weeks have REALLY tested my patience....they have been full of:
1. Texan hair
2. Bad food and lots of cholesterol (Olive Garden and Fudruckers to be exact) crap crap crap.
3. Sinus and stress head-aches
4. A cat-fight
5. sore feet
6. Human Resource violations (no joke!)
6. turbulance, flight delays, re-routing and cancellations
7. Mean flight attendents named "Henrietta".

But I'm back in San Francisco now, and I've never been so appreciative of the Hubby and the Home!

I came arrived to a really really special surprise....HAIGHT & ASHBURY HANDMADE STICH MARKERS BY SUSAN! They're so beautiful and so special, and they're by far the nicest markers that I own. Note all the special details.....Thank you SUSAN, these set the tone of a peaceful weekend for me!!
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Hooray for being back. I look forward to seeing you tonight and hearing your crazy stories.

Your comment on my post was hysterical. Hail?
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