Wednesday, March 15, 2006

I'm diggin....
Amy Butler designs (fabric and patterns!). She's allllll talent and you gotta check out her prints and patterns.
Repro Depot Fabrics is an EXCELLENT place to find interesting fabircs, buttons, t-shirts, patterns what-have-yous! This one is called "Rodeo Music" - how cute is that? ....just trying to find something to make out of it! A small throw perhaps?!

Came across Marta's blog and her interesting broches and other bead, button and felt peices of art...can't read one darn word on her site (Portuguese...damn me for not being more linguistically versitile!)...but the photos are BEAUTIFUL!

I'm going to Portland, OR for the first time in my life next week for 2 days and I AM EXCITED!! I know there is a huge DIY crafting community there, so I can't wait to check it out. I'm looking for cool places to check leave a comment if you know of any! Collection ideas...
Bolt Fabrics on Alberta
Ella Posie shop of our own, Posie Gets Cozy!

Secret Pal 7 is coming to a close, and I'm in the process of slowly revealing myself to my pal. I'm sending her on a little treasure hunt to my identity before sending her final gift. Mean you say? OOohh nooo not eeeeevil at all......bbbbuuuuaaaahhhhh......
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Lady, you speak two languages fluently. I'd say you are doin' alright in the language department.

Just to be a nag...have you found a weaving class? (since I am obviously incapable of it)
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