Wednesday, March 29, 2006

::Pretty trees::

What kind of tree is this?

I saw this cute little washcloth made by Pink Purls back in February and decided to try my hand at an "M" for my hubby.


Yarn: Sugar Cream Lily Cotton in orange/pink/yellow varigated yarn

Needles: Size 3

Pattern: This pattern from Knitting Nonesense.

Notes: The "M" pattern was hard to see, so if I do this again, I would choose a non varigated yarn and instead of doing the letter in garter stitch, I would do it in reverse stockinette stitch. The "M" is actually a lot clearer in this picture then it is in person.

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I just used that same colorway of Sugar'n Cream for a "watering can" dishcloth this weekend & agree that it is hard to see the design - but it is such a great color combo! :)
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