Monday, May 01, 2006

The funniest Man Alive (besides my Husband and my Dad)

Here we are folks in beautiful Napa Valley. I'm working right now....and although it's technically "work"'s hard to feel that way with the surroundings....

In other news...this past weekend, we went to hear David Sedaris speak. He is easily one of the most brilliant, talented and inspiring men alive. I know that's quite a statement, but I really feel that way...and he's fu%#ing FUNNY!! Damn, that man can make me laugh.

Here's a paparazzi picture that I took of him with my phone standing a mere TWO feet away from him!!

I know that he doesn't like having his photograph taken, so I felt kinda bad exploiting him this way...but obviously not bad enough to actually stop, so I guess this makes me kind of a jerk.

Another funny thing that happened that night (besides everything that came out of David's mouth) occurred in the ladies restroom. I had to go into the bathroom several times to get this shot. I had to hide the fact that I was taking the picture every time someone came in. Even I would think it odd to walk in on someone taking pictures in the bathroom. But, I took one for the team, and I brought you this.

What this is folks, is the tampon machine in the bathroom at the theater. Now, I don't know about you ladies, but I'm sorry, I don't care how desperate I am for a tampon....I will NEVER ask the little 80 year old usher-man for a tampon. EVER. Would it have killed them to just place a few in a basket near the sink? Or, not even in a basket, just thrown on the wet counter top would have been better then having to ask an usher.

ooh, before I go, Check out this Japanese craft source!

And...of course....SIGN UP FOR THE MASON DIXON KAL!!
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Of course delete this if it is too gross for your gentle readers...

Somewhere in Seattle and now I can't remember where, there is a tampon/tampax machine marked "insertable" and "non-insertable". After I was done laughing I forgot to take a picture.

p.s. David Sedaris is brilliant!
Blogger kitkatknit, at 6:59 AM  
I'm *so* jealous that you got to see David Sedaris. He's one of my favourites...he's probably the only writer who can make me laugh out loud on a city bus (thereby making me look like a total psycho?!) Does he have a new book out or was he just on a speaking tour?
Anonymous Anonymous, at 7:10 AM  
Uh, "anonymous" (who posted her comments at 7:10) is me. I don't know why my i.d. info didn't show up. Sorry for posting 2x.
Anonymous allison, at 7:18 AM  
It's amazing where and when bloggers will take pics for blogs. I can just picture you standing in the restroom with your phone trying to look innocent.
Blogger Bethro, at 8:05 AM  
I have to agree, I'd never ask the usher guy for a tampon. Thanks for taking one for the team. And David Sedaris, wow! He kind of looks like my boss.
Blogger Jen, at 1:34 PM  
I am cracking up picturing you trying to be all sly while taking phone pics. My brother lives in Japan and he told me that camera phones there are legally required to make a noise when you take a pic (so that dirty-minded commuters don't try to take overly intimate pics of unsuspecting girls on the subway). Not that anyone would have thought that about *you*, of course, but I can understand why you were trying to be careful.
Blogger Sneaksleep, at 12:11 PM  
All the recent posts are great! I've been gone a bit and had so much reading to catch up on your blog! The header looks wonderful and the pic of Napa is just breathtaking - take more pictures!!
Anonymous Esther, at 5:05 PM  

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