Tuesday, May 30, 2006

A Little Mason Dixon Lovin'

So, basically, I'm the luckiest girl alive.

When hubby and I arrived home today from our trip to D.C. and Baltimore, there was a UPS label waiting for us. I figured it was yet again, another boring package from work. So I called UPS....and found out that it was actually from Purl Soho! Huh?? I didn't place an order....what could be the mix up? I waiting anxiously for UPS to return (psych, I actually tracked him down in our neighborhood - so I was a little excited, what can I say?).

When I tracked him down, I found out that it wasn't a mix up at all...it was pure Mason Dixon lovin'!!
Kay and Ann sent me a wonderful package full of 1/2 yard cotton fabric pieces of a bunch of different beautiful color combinations....I LOVE IT!! Some of them are from the Denyse Schmidt line of fabrics ~ I've been eyeing those puppies...but thought it was a luxury that was out of my reach. Thank you KAY and ANN your generosity is breath-taking!!!
Ahhh....feels good to be loved!

In other news....Extreme Craft highlighted this amazing project by artist Theresa Honeywell who created this knit motorcycle. It was on display at the Georgia Museum of Art. Her work explores the cool tough male world with her pieces like the knit tool belt, knit jackammer, as well as embroidery work of tattoo designs. Rock on sista!

Editor Bag by Roots - I think I may have just found my next all-in-one-good-for-style-and-business-travel-purse:

What do you think? Karissa is modeling it here and here. She pretty much makes everything look cute. Check out her Etsy shop...and her blog.

This is awesome! Check out this homage to the punk rock life of every knitter.

I added a new link to my sidebar...."It's Your Life Presents..." she has amazing Japanese inspired creations and you must take a peek!

I took this "quiz" (if you want to call it that). It's tough looking at yourself in such an honest mirror, but here it is...take it yourself if you dare. Seven Deadly Sins
Greed:Very Low
Envy:Very Low
Lust:Very Low
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Oh man, does it look like I am behind on my knitting!!! How many yards do you think it will take to knit me another scooter??
Blogger kitkatknit, at 8:02 AM  
Holy bejesus. You rock hard core awesome. I can't wait to come over and squeel at your new fabric. I like the bag. It's def. a good choice for an all-purpose.
Blogger Bethro, at 8:17 AM  
You lucky lucky girl! Those new fabrics are really stunning!
Blogger Lolly, at 6:51 PM  
Those fabrics are fabulous! Lucky you ...
Blogger kristinknits, at 8:09 PM  
Gorgeous fabric..droool...denyse schmidt...droool....sweet bag...drooooooool. The simple pleasures of life.
Blogger Firefly, at 1:46 PM  
What's the occasion? How'd you get so lucky with the fabrics?
Blogger quiltyknitwit, at 8:41 PM  
Oh my gosh I have to scoop my jaw off the floor!! What a fantastic mother lode of fabrics!! GORGEOUS and LOVELY - the handbag is freaking divine. Love it all girl. Congrats!
Anonymous Esther, at 3:47 PM  

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