Thursday, May 25, 2006

Washington D.C.: The cleanest city on the face of the planet.

damn this is place is cool. and i'm not just saying that because i'm with my hubby and i convinced him to go to stitch D.C. tomorrow!! (yeah baby!!). heard its the hottest place to hang out. today we went to tryst, the hippest, coolest place in adams morgan with the best sando's a girl could find.....eeemmm yum!

tonight we took the subway (which is UNBELIEVABLY sanitary and orderly - you can actually touch the polls in the train without feeling like your hand is going to curl up and fall off from all the disgusting germs growing off of it). equipped with our tour guide, george, we went to the area near howard for some AWESOME ethiopian food and dancing at dukem restaurant. if you've never tried ethiopian food (or have only had one bad experience with ethiopian food like i had) this is a perfect place to re-acquaint yourself with the tasty cuisine.
like any and all good tourists, we couldn't miss the opportunity to check out all the monuments at are some (pretty lame, i know) pictures i grabbed with my camera phone:

and (as some would say) "warsh-ington" monument (my artist rendition of said monument):
in crafty news....i've totally obsessed with bags and sewing in general lately....some great finds in the blogosphere and beyond:

The Bag Blog and her tutorials and links.

Tutorial for an invisible hem on a pair of jeans.

Thimble's patchwork wallets.

Bella Dia's tissue holder tutorial.

Hip to Piece Squares

SF Food Recommendations - Tablehopper

Crafty podcasts at CraftSanity and WhipUp.

I think I may have found an excellent Back Tack III pattern - Mini Moopy Bunny - designed by Moopy & Me!

Know...if only Beth would post a picture of the bag she made at house other day!

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Way back when we lived in DC, our favorite Etheopian was Zed's. Gee I miss all our favorite restaurants. Gee I miss being able to fit in the size pants I did before we lived there....
Blogger kitkatknit, at 8:17 AM  
Thanks for commenting on my yoga prowess, I guess I forgot to mention that after I did this pose I then fell on the floor like a child....but I did technically hold the pose so I am claiming it as my own!
Blogger Firefly, at 11:48 AM  
I really like DC as well, though riding on their subway just doesn't feel as authentic. I don't know why I equate "dirty" with "authentic" but there you have it.

I may have to give Ethiopian food a chance again. I did try it once, but I couldn't get over the texture of the duwop (or however you spell it) comparing to a wet sponge and it tasting a bit like really sour sourdough (which I don't really like anyway). Was the bread there better?
Blogger Jen, at 6:33 PM  
If you are wondering where to eat tomorrow, try Zaytinya or Jaleo. Both are tapas-style eateries; Jaleo is the traditional Spanish, where Zaytinya is more mediterranean (hope I spelled that right). Both are at the Gallery Place Metro stop, but at different exits. Zaytinya 701 9th St; Jaleo is at 7th and G. They do not disappoint. Also, go to the Capitol Hill Stitch DC because it's the biggest of the three. Drat! I wish I had linked myself over here a day or two ago! I would have had more recommendations (as much as you want to take them from someone you don't know LOL). Hope you like it here--it's a great time to be in DC: after the winter, and before the humidity of summer. Cheers!
Blogger Gina P, at 10:14 PM  
Lady, I worked 12 hours on Wednesday and opened (up at 3:30am) on Thursday, after flying back from RI on Monday night. Cut me some slack. The bag will be posted this weekend. My blog is old and lonely and will be treated with due respect, now that I have some time.

I'm glad you are having a good DC experience :)
Blogger Bethro, at 8:12 AM  
We were in DC in 2000, stayed at the Hilton (where Reagan was shot at)- we wanted to use a laundomat and the hotel staff did their darnest to steer us away from Adams Morgan (where the nearest one was). We did end up there - fun! It is nice in DC :) Terry in SF
Anonymous Anonymous, at 5:56 AM  

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