Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Dyke March continued...

Here's a closer look at her whale tail:

You gotta love a girl who can create such a work of art with a few simple supplies from the local hardware store.

Following the bykes....was the Dyke March. Behold, the making of the most sensitive man on the face of the planet - he's on the right in blue:

I wonder if the "sign-holders" realized that they would not only be holding up the sign...but....this womans breasts as well:

In a nut-shell:

posted by Cristina at 8:41 AM


I cannot believe that guy! Of course, you were taking pictures, too. Although, I imagine your motives were different.

We stayed in and hid from the crowds and noise. I forgot you would be in the thick of it.

I know your anniversary is coming up, so happy anniversary, whenever it is.
Blogger Bethro, at 9:01 AM  
I stayed home also. Did stop by the Embarcadero on the way home to see everyone set up and then I went home to sleep while everyone had a good time. Now to hope the weather stays good so we can see the fireworks on Tuesday.
Blogger Dympna, at 11:21 PM  
awesome! i noticed you were in the bay area when i emailed to join the KAL - see you there, i'll be the one in the bright orange Kiri!

Blogger al, at 10:16 AM  

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