Sunday, June 25, 2006

Off to Seattle & Portland

I'm heading on another trip....and this time I'm going to one of my favorite places....Seattle & Portland! This time it's all pleasure....(not taking time off....but I won't have any business obligations while I'm there....yeah!!)

Do you live in Portland or Seattle? Where should I go? The best suggestions that I get are from local crafters because we all think alike!!

Here's what Sally had to contribute:
1. Fabric Depot = huge selection of fabric, often discounted 30-40%
2. Bolt Fabric Boutique = modern fabric [Amy Butler, Denyse Schmidt, Michael Miller, Kaufman]
3. Knittn Kitten = fabric thrift store [hit or miss in terms of selection]
4. Lint = yarn shop
5. Knit-Purl = yarn shop

Beaverton [SW Portland]
1. Kinokuniya = Japanese craft books

Crafty Wonderland is a monthly craft fair held in SE Portland. It is held the second Sunday of every month. YEAH!! I'LL BE AROUND FOR THIS!!

Daiso, a Japanese dollar store (by Alderwood Mall & Sears)! - (From WiseCraft & GoodToBeGirl).
Wild Ginger an AWESOME restaurant serving Asian fusion fair.

Seattle Craft-Bloggers: WiseCraft, GoodToBeGirl, SticksInSeattle
Portland Craft-Bloggers: Shim & Sons,
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I just came back from Seattle and fell in love with Hilltop Yarns. Check out their website, but they are at 2224 Queen Anne Ave North. They sell a number of patterns that the women who work the shop designed. I left with a lot of them! The women are very nice and friendly and helpful as well!
Have fun!!
Blogger allegra918, at 7:27 AM  
Hey Grrl,
Damn, I will be in Seattle on Saturday but I'm betting you will be gone by then?? Graham's favorite restaurant in Seattle right now is the Wasabi Bistro in Belltown (2nd Ave northish of Pike Street Market). Or if you are up by U of Dub, Zao's is great and then go to Weaving Works on Brooklyn Ave.

If you are staying in downtown Seattle I will email you the name of our just plain ol' favorite place.
Blogger kitkatknit, at 7:30 AM  
No don't go to that Hilltop, go to the Hilltop East in Bellevue. People are much friendlier and you can actually look at the yarns without your butt knocking over the display behind you.
Blogger kitkatknit, at 7:31 AM  
also, if you want to crash a knitting group, go to purlygirls meeting. It's at the blue star cafe on Stone Way (maybe Stone Ave) and 45th street in Wallingford. It's not as busy during the summer I hear, but the ladies who attend are die hard knitting fans.

Have a good trip!
Blogger Jen, at 9:16 AM  

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