Saturday, June 24, 2006


The color of the month for Project Spectrum is BLUE. I was lucky enough to get matched up with an old bloggin' friend, Pink Purls! How fun is that? She sent me a wonderful package chock full of blue creative goodness....including a blue candle....4 balls of blue yarn....and the best part of all......check out the artist genius in this:
Seriously though, lets stop and consider this work of art. I'd like to draw your attention to the mini knitting needles and pink ball of yarn. Adorable!! And the shells...ooh! A piece of Miami, right here in San it!! Thank you Esther!!
BackTack3 has come to a close and I received (quite awhile ago) my beautiful pointy kitty from Seriously & Beyond.....I loved it!! She put soooo much hard work into putting a really wonderful package together for me and my new little friend, Vixen. (Vixen is the name of my new pointy kitty). Thank you for the new little friend....thank you for the candles....and the ribbon....and the kick-ass pin cushion....and.....and....that wee pointy black and white custom carrier!! I love it all! My BackTack partner, Marga...should have received her's by now....the above postcard is a little hint of what her new little friend looks like....
Betty Crafter recipe postcards are FINALLY being sent out today...can you believe that I'm 9 days late sending them off?? Pretty pathetic, considering that I am one of the organizers! Aaaggrr....I irritate myself. friends....I'm afraid to announce that Knottie Knitter here must take a break from all the swaps. I just love love love receiving all this creative goodness in the mail, but I'm having trouble keeping up on my end...I'll be back into the swapping madness in the fall. Am I the only the one that's a little worn out?

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I'm so incredibly glad you like the postcard/pkg!! YIPPIEE!! I was having creative mindcramps and so worried about the outcome :-)
Anonymous Esther, at 8:56 AM  
Wow--I'm glad you liked the kitty. You are very kind! Vixen is a good name for her...
Blogger ljmax, at 1:02 PM  

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