Thursday, August 10, 2006


OOOOh Travelling in the current state of affairs is boat loads of fun, isn't it though?
More on that later....

A few distractions - I'm currently evaluating a few books for my collection. Have you snuck a peak? What do you think?

The first one is In Stitches by Amy Butler. I'm a huge fan of Amy....and this book comes with a bag full of I imagine it's a good one....

The 2nd one is Sublime Stitching by Jenny Hart. This one has an Oct. release date and boasts pages and pages of iron-on embroidery designs. I have the Stitch it Kit but have yet to make anything from it....I just *dream* about subjecting my guests to kitchy crafted bed linens.

I'm half way through my 4 city tour....and taking a breather for the weekend in sunny Sacramento where I'll check out the infamous outdoor Antique Fair & The 60th Annual Japanese Food & Cultural Bazaar! Yuuuummm, what could be better then a weekend filled with vintage goodies and tempura udon?

Pics to come!
Have a lovely weekend everyone.....

posted by Cristina at 11:33 PM


Ah, delicious books! :) Sublime stitching got me back into embroidery several years ago. And Amy Butler is fabulous, of course. :)
Anonymous alice, at 7:27 AM  
You poor thing. Have they taken away your needles or just your water?

Those books look awesome.
Blogger Bethro, at 8:26 AM  
I have just pre-ordered "In Stitches" and I just can't wait! I keep looking at the inside spreads over and over again and planning the projects with the perfect fabrics! The cath kidson bag is pretty cool.
Anonymous Lynne, at 9:05 AM  
Have you checked out the fabulous vintage embroidery transfers over at Pattern Bee? I like many of those far more than the Sublime Stitching transfers. I'll probably buy the book anyway, though. Amazon should be delivering my copy of the Amy Butler book sometime soon.
Blogger Jodi, at 5:09 PM  

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