Sunday, September 03, 2006

I'm Back from Maui!!!

wow. an energizer indeed. 8 days in maui & i'm feeling refreshed. inspired. sun burned & a bit itchy. amazing how that happens when you have a little time to frolic in the jungle.

a few quick highlights from the adventure....and i'll try my best not to bore you.

first, let me start, by saying..."no, i'm not pregnant". sorry mom. as much as you hoped that this vacation would bring to you...possibly...just maybe...a grandchild. it did not. just a daughter with an ill-fitting dress and lots & lots of wind.
i appreciate your candor, though, mom.
it's good to communicate your needs.
back on subject - how 'bout that view?
it's a stop along the road, somewhere in west maui.

the oldest banyan tree in the u.s.a. it's in lahaina, maui and my best friend, Katy told me to check this puppy out....and boooy am I glad that I did.
planted in 1873.
60 feet tall.
200 feet wide.
12 major tree trunks. all. connected.
one little tree became 12 big trees. all connected. all creating shade and inspiration for those that have the opportunity to visit it. here's an explaination of how this works.
kinda like this little crafty-blogging community we have goin' here, huh?

bamboo forest. this is something you have to experience...too hard to explain here. but, i'll try.

picture millions and millions of long thin bamboo trees completely encasing your pathway, making it very dark..but bright green all at the same time. now picture the sweet fresh smell of their leaves coupled with this sqweeky clapping, flapping, sqwacking sound they make when the wind blows and they start smacking together. it's rhythmic like music.

crap description. sorry. just go. trust me, it's unlike anything you've probably experienced before. just an assumption here.

sunrise at the summit of haleakala volcano.

waking up at 2:30am.
driving 3 windy hours on a dirt road skirting both boulders AND death.
sunrise on the top of a volcano.

ooookay...sooorry, that was cheesy, but i couldn't resist.

red sand beach, hana, maui.
a slippery, steep, anxiety inducing climb on the side of a cliff to find a private cove to swim in.
red sand beach was a highlight fo-shizzle.
the red volcanic sand up against the turquoise blue water.
quiet. private. beautiful. it's what vacation is all about.

not that i'm usually "matchy matchy"...but the color of my back is now matchy-matchy with the color of the sand at red sand beach.
i do it for the glamour and style of blending in to surrounding nature.
it's a "couture" meets "zen" moment.
keeps me close to nature.
and stuff.

Drum Roll Please.
and now...for the "what I learned on my summer vacation" moment.
or better yet...."My End-of-Summer Resolutions":

1. Over-all healthier living
a. more cooking, less eating out.
b. more exercising, less excuses.
c. more balance, less time-wasting.

2. Peaceful Home
a. more use-what-you-have, less look-what-i-bought
b. more look-what-i-took-to-goodwill, less (see 2a "less of")
c. more walks
d. organization

3. Living in the "here" & "now"
a. less planning, more living & doing.
b. less blogging, more making (don't worry readers, all 2 of you, you'll still see me...I'll just cut back a bit with the blog-surfing).
c. less obsessing about other peoples lack of regard for recycling, reducing, re-using and more appreciating my own RRR and unique things people ARE trying to do to RRR.
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Welcome back! (That bamboo forest looks breathtaking! I don't think I've ever seen one before.)
Anonymous allison, at 6:59 AM  
Welcome back.

Like 8 things (maybe three)
Your resolutions almost completely match mine for the fall. We should team up and keep each other on task.

Did you want to do dinner or a drink with my 'rents? It's cool if time is an issue (and I know I said "probably not," but now my mom's all like "yeah") and/or you already made plans.

Your vacation looks amazing. I must admit to some jealousy. But I also want to see more pictures.
Blogger Bethro, at 7:22 AM  
It sounds you you had a wonderful vacation! I think I need a refresher like that!
Blogger Zarah, at 6:55 PM  
Very funny!
La Mama
Anonymous Anonymous, at 8:37 PM  
Isn't the road to Hana wonderful! I loved the hidden coves and waterfalls and all the "untouched" secret places you can find - just off the beaten trail. All you have to do it look! Most of the "tourists" don't wander past the paved roads. Way to go finding that awesome red sand beach!

I love your resolutions too. Isn't it wonderful how spending time with nature makes you realize what is important in life :)
Blogger Javajem, at 1:01 PM  
Oh Welcome Back! I'm so jealous! The trip photos are amazing - beautiful, beautiful, beautiful!! Your resolutions rock by the way - think I might try some of them myself ;-)
Anonymous Esther, at 12:20 PM  

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