Friday, September 22, 2006


Okay, fine, we're friends again. After a VERY rough start, he & I made up. There have been many things that have gone wrong with this sweater. Some my fault, yes, some not so much. Anne put it in terms I could understand:

"...when knitting for a man, it is essential to...glean as many details as possible, while completely wiping your mind of your own taste AND JUST LISTEN. many men have extremely exact likes and dislikes, but have a pathetically small vocabulary for describing them, especially in knitting terms."

THIS, my friends. Is so true. When he says he wants a sweater made of 8 miles of stockinette stitch. He means this. And it doesn't matter what you say to convince him otherwise....YOU WILL BE KNITTING THAT THING OVER AGAIN. Heed my warning, girls.

This week was a little tough.
Call me crazy, but it might be because I stated it out by watching Spike Lee's, "When the Levees Broke". Enlightening? Yes. Depressing? Very.
Lots of tears were had.
Dreamy-Eyes wouldn't even let me watch the 2nd part. It was THAT bad and THAT good all at the same time.

I tried to lighten things up around here with a little "makin'"....and uuh...."breakin'". My sewing machine wasn't having it. This is what I ended up with. A rugged camera bag.

I like it, but there was blood on the sewing machine when I was done. You think I'm kidding. There really was. I checked my hands. No blood. So, a logical assumption would be that the sewing machine herself was the one bleeding. I wouldn't be surprised.

The week of negative energy finally let up last night when I began to sew my friend, Tasha's Birthday-Bag.

Once midnight was smooth sailing for me, and I've never finished a bag in such a short amount of time with almost NO issues. Ooh, and by the way, I love wool. And I love the beautiful fabric pieces that Erieann sent me. And I love the design sense that Dreamy-Eyes contributes every once in awhile.

Rant: CRAM CREAM & how I want to marry it:

Uuhm, okay, so NEXT time some genius comes up with Funky-Japanese-Cute tape & other household accessories, can someone PLEASE do me a favor and clue me in??? Like within the same century that it happens? Please? I stumbled upon this stuff at Mi's blog & fell in love. Did a search, and realized that it's been around for ages. There's even a flikr support...urr...I mean, discussion group dedicated to the stuff. Good God, where have I been?

P.S. Is it just me? Why would you let your child slide out of an elephant's ass like that? Would that lead him to being anal retentive? I'm no Sigmund Freud but...uuhh....

Photo courtesy of imagevenue. last P.S. - Just wanted to share some *really*really* great tutorials & pattern resources:

Owl Softie - Not sure if I'm in love with the design, or the fact that we're pulling this poor little girl into our chaotic crafty world...

Awesome Lovely Leafy Spring Bag.

Zakka inspired Boxy Cosmetics Pouch by Small Hands.

Knit Spot Patterns brought to my attention by Esther. Knit Spot ACTUALLY has a skirt pattern that I would consider trying. Like how I act like I haven't already purchased the pattern and the 8 balls of yarn? Who am I kidding?

~Lovely Lovely weekend to all of you~

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The bags are amazing. The sweater will come along. You are amazingly patient and hubby will owe you something awesome (like a surger or a shopping spree at imagiknit...or maybe a really cool organizational system for yarn and a completely perfect craft room) when you are done.
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