Monday, September 25, 2006

What to do...what to do?

I'm searching for the next big thing. I have some Berkshire stockinette stitch recovery to do, so I need something interestingly complicated, yet practical & straightforward. Here are a few options...

The first 2 are from Knit Spot & were suggested at Pink Purls.
Vine Flower Child's Dress:

Sangria: A lacey skirt with good drape & bounce.

Below is the super versatile Cropped Cardigan by Blue Sky Alpacas:
This one looks like a VERY quick knit using chunky yarn & big needles.
Karabella KK 219: I've never made a cardigan before and would love to try this one out because of the cables & good fit. But is the neck look uncomfortably high?
Karabella KK 206: I love the shape & lacey detailing on this. I see it in black or possibly cream. The only thing stopping me from making this one, is the thought of having to look at this woman's' frightening tan for a few weeks while working on the pattern. It's something to consider.
Karabella KK183: Cute. Cute. Cute. From the sounds of it as posted on other blogs, construction might be a little tricky. However, the fit is super cute. The style would be good for foggy San Francisco. And there might be some willing bloggers to help me me out when I get stuck.

Karabella KK 181: Cute fit. Strange arms...but that might not be too difficult to switch to a nice fitted ribbing, right?
I would put up one of those nifty little web-poll thingys, but I'm too sleepy to figure out how....maybe just a response would suffice in my decision making process!

posted by Cristina at 11:47 PM


I really like the skirt and the blue sky alpaca cardigan. can't wait to see which one you pick!
also, Cram Cream is just so great! i'm going to have to get some stuff now. oh the humanity!
:o) have a great week!
Blogger kelpkim, at 8:06 AM  
I love the skirt. KK219 is great but I agree with you about the collar... maybe you could modify it? I also like KK183. All of these look like hard projects if you are trying to "recover" from another project!
Blogger Ellen, at 10:15 AM  
I am going to be working the cabled yoke cardi along with Amanda from The Decorator Crab, if you think you might need inspiration or a team effort!
Anonymous Sky, at 11:01 AM  
Have you seen the must-have cardigan?
4th one down, I think. But they're all cute and would be a good recovery project from all that stockinette.
Anonymous jessie, at 2:58 AM  
I vote the last one (the gray one).

You are like a crazy sweater lady now!
Blogger Bethro, at 6:57 AM  
oooh I love all of them - especially the brown chunky cardigan!
Anonymous Esther, at 10:52 AM  
I love KK181 the best, that is my favorite. Also KK219 is nice, but the neck would need to be modified. If you want something simple, perhaps the Blue Sky Alpaca cropped cardi. Have you seen Everyday Tweed at The Garter Belt?
Blogger Wanda, at 10:50 PM  

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