Friday, October 13, 2006

As Promised

A FO to announce here, folks. Socks I started for my abuela decades ago & realized half way through the 2nd sock that I HATED dpns. So I just stopped. But my grandmothers feet were still cold & I needed to think of a solution fast. In come 2 circs. Wow, 2 circles, where have you been all my life? I can't believe how much faster this technique is! (despite how Beth feels on the subject).

Some specs for ya:
Pattern: "Best Foot Forward" from Knit Socks! given to me by Susan.
Yarn: Andean Silk by Knit Picks in lettuce & yarrow. (what the hell is "yarrow"? is that a real color or just a made up name like "deep aubergine" or "montain pine"?)
Anyway, the yarn was amazing to work with, knits up fast & is slippery soft, AND it was from my stash to boot. Not to mention the notoriously cheap Knit Picks price. Are you wondering why the green goes so high up past the toe? Could it be because I dipped my toes in paint? Could it be because I mis-calculated my yarn supply?

The coolest part about this project is that it's for my abuela (that's spanish for "grandmother" incase you were wondering). She's lived a lifetime of knitting, not to mention knitting garments for the whole family using nothing but a few calculations stored in her head. The thing is, she could never quite figure out how to make socks, & thinks that they're this super advanced impossibility. In comes the beaming grand-daughter. Amazing what we'll do to impress our elders.

So, these will be off to Spain soon...keeping the feet of my abuela nice & toasty.

I had a quick trip up to Salt Lake City, Utah this past week. I was fairly umimpressed with the city. Perhaps because I was by myself, or...because I didn't take the time to visit some of the sites. Like the Salt Lake Temple.

This could have been for a few different reasons.
1. I was dressed like a skank.
2. I became seriously distracted after discovering Black Sheep Wool Co. yarn shop.
3. All of the above.

As most things, I'm always late to join...but in this case, it's better late then never. So, get your butt over to Lolly's and join in the fun!
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Hooray the lemon socks.

I'll trade you some size 1 circs for some size 1 dpns.
Blogger Bethro, at 7:04 PM  
I love the color combo you used. Your grandma will be thrilled!
Blogger Kaitie Tee, at 7:14 PM  
That's so awesome that you made socks for your grandmother who thinks making socks is so difficult. She will be so impressed! Your socks for abuela looks great!
Blogger Wanda, at 8:42 AM  
(a) I had yarrow in my garden and it was a pale yellow flower.

(b) How funny, because I was just reading the Knit Socks book about a half-hour ago, and these are my favorites from that book.

They turned out great!
Anonymous jessie, at 4:27 PM  
Like the socks! It's funny, I have never knitted with 2 circs but I LOVE dpns and can't imagine knitting socks any other way.

My grandma also knitted in her day and although she did know how to knit socks she is also super impressed by hand-knit socks! Or maybe it's just the fact that they are made by her granddaughter... (can you feel the love?)

An additional comment about yarrow - it is a native plant to New England (and probably other places) that you can find growing on roadsides and in fields. It is similar looking Queen Anne's Lace, if you know what that looks like, except yellow instead of white. I believe you can make a tea out of yarrow as well.

Natural history lesson over. :)
Blogger Carrie, at 7:55 AM  
I think the color change near the two is awesome! It is like you dipped them in paint. Very unique! But not for long.....I may copy! Remember some of the best things in design were never planned.
Anonymous Anonymous, at 2:50 PM  
Awesome!! Beautiful socks - love the toe color!!
Anonymous Esther, at 10:13 AM  

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