Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Thoughts on Color

One of the greatest things that I love about making things is the opportunity it gives me to just play with color.

I can spend hours combining and recombining, grouping, piling, holding up various mediums together to produce pleasing color combinations. Whether it be with yarn, or fabric, or photographs, paint, beads or just found items from a walk around the neighborhood, I love to experiment with all of the millions of possibilities.

All summer long I've been pretty well obsessed with the aqua & dark red combo. Not really making anything out of them, but simply just feeling really quite pleased when happening upon the color combination.

Now as we're moving rather quickly into fall, and all things fall - pumpkins, colorful leaves, and fall cooking, I'm becoming more and more attracted to a new color combination.

This being huuhm, well we'll call it mustard & cranberry. Which brings me to my next point. Naming. I know I made a little remark about the color "yarrow" in my last post (remember, "what the hell is "yarrow" - I know, not very tactful). All jokes aside, I think it's important to think these things through. And, so, if you think that naming a color after a New England wild flower, so be it. And you know when you've got it right. Is it red? No. Dark pink? No. Cranberry, yes, just right.

Speaking of fall-ness, I'm going to try out Martha's chicken soup tonight in an attempt to get more domestic as we merge into the season of hibernation.

Speaking of Martha, have you seen all the great new ideas she's posted for fall & winter crafts? Like the felted knitting basket or the little lamb, chicken & piggie - equiped with their own templates and everything!

She's crazy, but you gotta love her style!

I'm off to the east coast this weekend for some fall-peekin' & best-friend nuptial celebrations. I hope there will be a little pumpkin patchin' in store for me!
posted by Cristina at 1:13 PM


Mmmm, that soup looks good. Great links, as always!
Blogger ljmax, at 6:28 PM  
i love the aqua dark red combo too. i love all of those contrasty combos actually.

yeah i have a love hate thing for martha. i think i was the only person who watched her apprentice show.
Blogger maryse, at 10:51 AM  
Congratulations to your friend! But I'm not sure if you will find much color (depending on where you go)... sadly it's been kinda windy and rainy the past few days! (I love the mustard and cranberry flowers!)

You aren't going to Rhinebeck are you? It seems that's all the local knit bloggers are talking about these days. But alas, I can't go. :(
Blogger Carrie, at 10:51 PM  

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