Sunday, November 26, 2006

Moving on...

:::Looking Back:::
Our Thanksgiving-marathon extravaganza has come to a close. The time I had to spend with my family energized me more then drained me as I had expected it to. Funny & convenient how it worked out that way.

The week spawned some unexpected thrifting and crafting, with folks that really know what thrifting and crafting is. I sometimes feel isolated in my obsessions, but all it takes is a little vino and
Tryptophan to realize that all “this” is really part of my genetic make-up & a small part of the master plan.

Some years, Thanksgiving is a time to Give Thanks. Other years, it’s serves as an opportunity to remind me of the things that I'm thankful for. This year proved to be the latter.

:::Looking Forward:::
Not that I enjoy chaos, or am unable to live for the moment, but my thrifting moments these past few days has launched me into total Christmas-crazy mode. In a good way.

More on the goodies I found later, but first this…

Some cutting, & a little stitching....

& lots of lots of fun poly-fill (by-far his favorite ingredient of this project)!

I had so much fun watching him assemble Santa as he ooh’d & aah’d at his work.

Voi’la! Seamster & his little doll too.

P.S. Little wee Seamster and I picked up the pre-printed Santa fabric at an estate sale for .25 cents (he picked it out, can you imagine the excitement I felt?). Have you seen these in stores? My aunt fell in love with it & I promised her a google search. With little luck, since I don’t even know what it's called. I've seen them before at antique fairs printed on old flour sacks from the 30's(?)

I'm off to San Jose for a week...but not without a litttle holiday crafting! Pictures to come on that & my nearly finished Forecast too!

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that is REALLY exciting! i get so happy anytime my little one takes an interest in crafting...
have a good trip!
Blogger mrspilkington, at 4:31 AM  
That's adorable! What a fun project.
Blogger Bethro, at 7:26 PM  

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