Friday, December 15, 2006

Blogger v. Typepad v. Other?

Ok, first, a sweet (and, yes, random) photo of the little girl made of sugar. Remember her? What is she thinking about here?

Ooh...yes, back to my post....
Enough complaining about (free, I know! I'm an ingrate!) Blogger. What do you have? What do you like? Why? Am I moving? Possibly.....depends on if I need to or not. What do you think? Is there a big enough reason to switch to Typepad from a free service? I don't mind paying for a good thing...but is it worth it? I figure, if I'm going to make a move, then the new year is a good time to do it....
Ooh, and...for mom...err, I mean, "Santa" - (yes, Mom! I still believe!) More hints....
Handknit Holidays by Melanie Falick
A cream colored (natural) and wooden dress form
pottery classes
cooking classes
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