Friday, July 28, 2006

Silicon Valley, California

Well, it's been a crazy week in the smoldering pit others called "Silicon Valley". Not much to report on considering that I was cooped up in an office or hotel room all week. Except for this:
This is a super-stealthy bathroom shot I grabbed at work. It's not the first time I've risked embarrassment and ridicule to bring you good quality bathroom shots...remember this? Who the hell really considers feminine hygiene products to be in the "toy" category? Seriously. I understand that the basket may have been on sale, or some resourceful mother brought it into work hoping to recycle something her children have grown out of....but come on people....TAMPONS AND PADS????
posted by Cristina at 4:16 PM


You've outdone yourself this time! I am going to suggest to our work building landlord a more decorative FH display. Though guess we shouldn't complain, at least they are available with out having to take an emergency trip to Walgreens.
Blogger kitkatknit, at 10:32 PM  
I'm confused. Toys? Tampons? Where was this? Did someone think it was cute?
Blogger Bethro, at 10:55 AM  
my boys have used tampons as grenades once - oy! imagine my surprise to find them all over the backyard :D
Blogger Rebecca, at 8:27 AM  
Hhahahaha. So here's where you knit clothes for the tampons and pad boxes, dress them when no one's around and throw in a couple balls and blocks. Voila! Toy basket for real.
Blogger amy, at 12:19 PM  

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