Monday, September 11, 2006

The Windy City

Dreamy-Eyes and I are in Chicago right now.
What's that you say?
Ooh, Chicago wasn't one of the stops on our Fall/Winter tour?
Riiiiigggghhhhtttt.....unless you have wind...rain....and a tarmac under construction.

First person to give me the name of the genius who thought Chicago would be a good place for a major U.S. airport gets a prize. Seriously. I have some words for that guy.

After many an hour sitting around waiting to get on the outbound flight for Chicago from Boston....we finally boarded for a relatively smooth flight. We arrived....just to wait around again for hours and hours.

We decided to hunt down the silver lining in what looked to be a fairly dismal travel day....and bought one of these babies:

Actually, that's not really what I meant to say, but it slipped out, because these hot dogs are really the only thing on my mind right now. Partly because I still have a stomach ache from the one I ate last night, and partly because I can't wait to get back to the airport so I can indulge in another before I fly back to the vegan-land others refer to as "San Francisco".

The silver-lining was actually our decision to give up our seats in exchange for 2 free tickets anywhere in the continental U.S., a night in the (very swanky) Sofitel Hotel of Chicago & a whooping $6 to cover 3 square meals for 2 people (hence, the hot dogs). We found out later that the flight ended up leaving hours and hours later. We reveled in our good decision making skills. Skills that don't come to light that often. We need to celebrate when they do.

Sitting around. Waiting. More sitting. Looking. Gave me lots and lots of time to think about...well...myself. I know. Sounds bad. I came across the most wonderful picture while blog surfing last night, of YarnBoy knitting with his wife, Z. The picture prompted me to add to my ever-expanding list of birthday wishes.

So I looked over at Dreamy-Eyes, and this is how the conversation went:

KK: Sooooo, aren't you wondering what I want for my birthday?
DE: No. You already told me. You told me lots of things.
KK: I want an afternoon with you how to knit. And then I want you to make me a striped scarf.
DE: I already know how to knit.
KK: laugh. pause. wait. nothing. Is that right? Then, how?
DE: I know how to purl. And, I know how to knit. But I only know the long tail cast on. (which I don't know how to do, by the way).
KK: Is that right?
DE: yeah, you didn't know that?
KK: No. I guess I didn't.
DE: What kind of scarf do you want?
KK: I changed my mind, I want a sweater now.
DE: No, I'm making you a scarf.
KK: Fine. Then, I want a scarf.
DE: But, then that means, I'll be knitting you something before you've made me something. You know that right?
KK: laugh. laugh some more. fall off the bed. laugh again. turn red. realize he's right. laughing some more....turning really really bright red. Enough said. You're right.

Yes folks, you've heard it here first. I have never knit anything for my husband. Unless of course, the "beanie" (that's actually a ridiculous "beret") counts. Or the 12 inch scarf (I was too cheap to spring for more yarn. It was $30 a hank, do you blame me?). Or...the...uuhh...crap, I think that's it. I'm so selfish. Damnit, my selfishness amazes, even, me.

But I'm working to redeem myself. Yes, that's right. I'm knitting up a sweater right this very minute. It's about 880 miles of stockinette stitch AND it's the 3rd time I've started it (more on that later). THAT, folks, is love. This is the sweater that he wants. And this is the sweater that I'm knitting. Happily.

It's The Berkshire Sweater from Weekend Knitting by Melanie Falick in Cascade - Eco-Wool. Pictures to come. to the airport...again. Wish us luck!

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I was almost rolling on the floor laughing at your convo with DE. He sounds like a very funny guy. Several things..

1) You were in boston and didn't tell me?
2) Which airport were u flying in and out of Chicago? At Midway, there's a Mexican restaurant that is OH SO YUMMY. Lalo's. They also have several locations in the city. Umm.. it might be the huge pitcher of margs that I shared with my friend that made it so good. :)
3) Also, in lincoln park, Carlucci's italian restaurant is DELISH. Split a half order with DE and get dessert. Trust me.

have fun!
Blogger CynCyn, at 6:41 PM  
If your hubby knits something, it allows me to pressure my hubby (but don't tell yours or he'll rebel in some kind of solidarity move....besides, I already get the distinct impression he pities Phil for his choice in spouse).

Also, did you honk at me in the street today? If it wasn't you, I have no idea who it was.
Blogger Bethro, at 7:38 PM  
That's so funny about your DH. I love it that he knits. I want to see his scarf and your finished sweater for him! Happy travels.
Blogger Wanda, at 10:42 AM  
hi christina
i can't see, to find an e mail for you. e mail me and i'll send you some of those nyc stores! or i can leave them here on a comment.
louise (prairiemouse)
Anonymous louise, at 5:28 PM  

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